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Presented by HALO Movement Collective

Season 7

Broadway Recreation Center - Broadway Recreation Center, East Broadway Road, Mesa, AZ, USA

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Experience HALO Movement Collective's newest evening length premiere. REST IN THE MOURNING is the culmination of a three year journey of research and exploration in creating our first touring production. The performance is an emotionally charged riveting concert which marries concepts from our previous productions of CELL and EXILE into one evening of physical and emotional release through Contemporary Dance. The show is set inside of a custom built Geodesic Dome structure representing the inside of a human brain which has weathered emotional distress. REST IN THE MOURNING takes place  during the process of the human sleep cycle where most of our dreams and memories come to life leaving us wondering if we are in reality or in a deep sleep. The show culminates in healing from past experiences and brings the audience on a journey filled with release, healing,  growth and redemption.


Broadway Recreation Center, East Broadway Road, Mesa, AZ, USA (Get Directions)